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20.12.2018 18:40

On November 11, 2018, there was celebrated Global Day of Jewish Knowledge in Krasnodar. The program of the festival was prepared and organized by the head of the Krasnodar volunteer center, Alexandra Sayapina.

There was written a plan of the event; there were organized all the artistic numbers for the concert program. In addition, there was prepared and held a quiz – an educational component on the topic of this year. Volunteers Natalia Naygof and Daniil Genne organized the work of sound equipment and projections. Volunteers Grigory Arkhipov, David Shperber, Igor Liskovsky helped to arrange the concert hall for the event. Volunteer Siyara Izyagueva helped to hold the quiz, volunteer Kirill Shubaev helped the Krasnodar Regional Drafts Federation to present the exhibition in the lobby.