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09.08.2018 20:11

On May 13th 2018 a team of 7 volunteers of the Krasnodar Southern Volunteering Center went on a small expedition to the stanitsa Petropavlovskaya in Kurganinsk region, a picturesque place, where 76 years ago occurred terrible events. During the times of German occupation on the outskirts of the village near the river Sinyukha more than 3 thousand civilians were shot. Among the victims were mostly Jews and refugees, who had tried to find shelter in this place after the outbreak of the Second World War. Not many people know about this place. That’s why one of the witnesses of these gruesome events – Yakov Samuilovich – invited the team of the Volunteering Center to visit Petropavlovskaya, to show the place and to transfer his knowledge. In 1942 he was only 10 years old.

After the liberation of these territories in January 1943 a small memorial was erected at the place of the mass shootings – an iron cone with a soviet star on it. Only two years ago by the efforts of Yakov Samuilovich, who lost many of his relatives during the war, a new monument with a memorial plaque was erected. Today he is 86 years old, lives alone and collects documentary materials about the war and dreams to open his own museum.

The volunteers visited his house and listened to the story of his life. Now they are thinking, what they can do to save these memories and how to help Yakov Samuilovoch.